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Clay Shooting & Archery

Experience Archery and Clay Bird Shooting at the Terrace Downs Resort, nestled on the edge of the Rakaia Gorge just 30 minutes from Staveley Heights Bed & Breakfast. Newzengland operate 7 days a week in most weather conditions and bookings are essential.

All activities are safe, cater to all abilities and are heaps of fun! Owner Neil is a fantastic instructor and has spent 12 years as a senior instructor at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School in England.

Clay Shooting

Watch as a clay bird is catapulted through the air. Trace its path with the barrel, keeping your eye focused on the clay before pulling the trigger. Your adrenalin will be racing when you blast that clay into smithereens. Safe family fun with an experienced clay shooting expert.

Newzengland cater for all ages and levels, from the complete novice to the very experienced shot. Whether you have seen a gun or not, clay shooting can be a sport for all. We have guns suitable for ladies, men and children (age and build dependent). Four automatic clay traps offer a variety of targets.


Have a go at Archery in the beautiful pine forest range. The eye squints, the arm muscle tightens, the bow is drawn back and the arrow flies. Thwack! Off in the distance the target is pierced…. Well, at least that’s the theory! Give it a go, who knows maybe you really are the next Robin Hood!

The team at Newzengland are committed to delivering an outstanding experience for all our clients. After a brief introductory lesson and a safety briefing you’ll be wielding a bow and arrow with almost as much finesse as Robin Hood, Maid Marion or the legendary William Tell.

Get the bulls-eye in your sights and then let rip with your arrow and watch it as it torpedoes towards its target. Compete with your friends to see who is the best shot or simply work on improving your own precision. Even if you’ve never picked up a bow and arrow before you’ll love this chance to try out one of the world’s oldest sports in one of the world’s most beautiful spots.

New Zengland Clay Shooting & Archery